Aga Khan Palace

The splendid Aga Khan Palace

For a long time I was intending to visit the Aga Khan Palace. I did find time one day to visit this historical monument. The minute I saw the palace I completely fell in love with it. As I entered the entrance, I was greeted with banyan trees and beautifully maintained gardens. Even at two in the afternoon I did not feel the heat, thanks to the lovely banyan trees 🙂

Aga Khan Palace looks majestic from outside. It was constructed in 1892 and is considered as an iconic landmark in Indian history. Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III built this palace in Pune. Aga Khan Palace has been declared by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as a monument of National importance. Muhammed Shah constructed this palace with the sole purpose of provide employment to the people hit by the severe epidemic of plague. He wanted to help people by giving them the job of maintaining the palace.

Another view of the palace

Aga Khan Palace also has a great historical importance. The palace was prominent during India’s freedom struggle. With the launch of Quit India Movement in 1942, Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai and his wife Kasturba were interned at Aga Khan Palace from August 9, 1942 to May 6, 1944. The palace served as quarters for them. During this period Kasturba and Mahadev Desai breathed their last at the palace. Their samadhis (memorial) has been built within the grounds of the palace.

Entrance of the Palace

Architecture at the entrance

The interiors and architecture of the palace is worth a dekko. The corridors are sprawling. I simply fell in love with the beautiful corridors and put my wide angle lens and started clicking. I always have a fascination for corridors and this palace seemed to fulfill my desire 🙂

Sprawling corridor

Modern architecture inside the Aga Khan Palace

Another view of the corridor

The rooms inside the palace have been dedicated to Gandhi’s works like a museum. Totally, 4 rooms are opened to visitors. The rooms display important incidents from Gandhi’s life. Also his personal items like mala (necklace), utensils, slippers, and some old letters written by Gandhi to his secretary have been exhibited. Huge pictures of Gandhi and his life can be seen in other rooms. You will also find Kasturba Gandhi’s room where she breathed her last.

Gandhi’s personal items have been kept in this room. Entry in this room is not allowed hence I clicked this picture through a mirror.

One of the room where you can see pictures of Gandhi, his wife Kasturba and about their lives has been displayed

Another room displaying pictures about Indian Independence and Gandhi’s role in India’s freedom struggle

Location: Aga Khan Palace is situated on Nagar Road, Pune. It is 2 kms from BundGarden. With famous malls Phoenix and Inorbit in the vicinity you can easily find the place. Also, the palace is well-known among the Autowallahs J

Time to visit: 9 am to 6 pm (daily)

Entry fee: Rs. 5 for adults (Indian citizen)

Photography: Still photography allowed both inside and outside. However, you cannot click the Kasturba Memorial area. No fee was taken for photography.

Once you finish taking a tour of the palace, make sure you spend time in the beautiful gardens. 🙂

PS: Some pivotal scenes of the acclaimed movie ‘Gandhi’ was shot at Aga Khan Palace !!!!!!!!!

What all I captured inside the Aga Khan Palace !!!



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