Charminar – a beauty galore…..!

Mélange – is the right word to describe Hyderabad. The City of erstwhile Nawabs, Hyderabad displays immense Nawab-ian and Nizam culture. However, the city also is well known for its IT sectors and classy Banjara and Jubilee Hill areas. That’s why I said mélange – a perfect mishmash of old and new culture. The city has rich influence and inimitable blend of art and architecture, culture and cuisine.

I recently did visit Hyderabad, and all I had in mind was to visit the Charminar! It’s symbolic – when u say Hyderabad the first thing that comes in mind is the magnificent Charminar. Imagine my excitement when I spotted the towering architectural wonder. Standing tall in the busy bazaar street, the Charminar has managed to create a great significance in the buzzing market crowd. The monument portrays the signature style of Islamic culture.

Charismatic Charminar........!!

Built in 1591 AD, by Sultan Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah, when the foundation of the city was being laid, the structure was mainly constructed to commemorate the eradication of plague epidemic from the city. The Sultan is said to have prayed for the end of plague that was devastating the city and promised to build a Masjid at the very place where he was praying. The Mosque became renowned as Charminar since it has four Minarets.

Standing tall - the Charminar

The monument has exquisitely carved arches, floors and windows particularly on the first and second floors. A unique factor of Charminar is that it looks different from all four sides. Each verandah gives you a different view. The structure is made of granite, limestone, mortar and pulverised marble. The monument with its four arches is proportionately planned that you can catch a glimpse of the bustling Hyderabad city as you climb to the top floors. From the second floor of the monument, a fantastic view of the Old City can be seen. The market chaos, the jam-packed traffic, the narrow lanes, the typical hullabaloo of Bazaar Street, is seen and for a minute you actually end up enjoying the sight.

The narrow and crowded lane of Laad Bazaar

Chaos of Old Hyderabad City........

Another view of congested roads and lanes from one of the Charminar verandah

Another verandah gives you a sight of the world renowned Mecca or Macca Masjid. The beautiful Masjid minarets are any photographer’s delight to capture. A view of the crowded narrow lane of Laad Bazaar can also be seen from another side of the Charminar.

I put my camera on work and tried clicking some pictures of the Charminar and also different views from each of the verandahs. Hope you like them and plan a trip to Hyderabad soon to check out this beauty.

Beautiful minaret of Mecca Masjid

Mecca Masjid minarets

Another view of Makka or Mecca Masjid.....

A bangle shop in Laad Bazaar

Colorful Bangles....:)

PS:  Once your exploration of Charminar is over, do not forget to check out the shops outside the monument selling some incredible pearl jewellery. You are sure to come across some beautiful pearl collection  and not to forget: do visit Laad Bazaar where you will find hoards of bangle shops adorned with colorful, ethnic and striking Bangles! Enjoy shopping!! 🙂 🙂


6 thoughts on “Charminar – a beauty galore…..!

  1. Fantastic blog! Love your blog name Kaleidoscope…:) and this Charminar write up and photographs are fantastic….eye capturing !!!! Too good…:)

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